Audio Induction

When setting up a PA system for a gig it is vital to understand how to safely arrange the equipment as live electrical currents are being transferred. Before the event performers will supply technical specification guides to venue staff, so they are able to ensemble the equipment in the required way.

(Input List and Stage Plot Designs for Boy George, Europe Tour, 2010. Images taken from Charles H. Sides, How to write and present technical information, 1999, Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition.)

‘You’re building your PA. It’s a great time, both creative and exhilarating. Make the most of it, be an architect’. Jim Yakabuski, 2000.

input plot

  • Choose your mixer dependant on the location.
  • Choose the correct mic for performance.
  • Choose appropriate PA speaker, with active or passive amplification.
  • Choose your Monitor System
  • Signal Processing- Improves quality and stabilises EQ.
  • Cables – Ensuring all cables are taped down, clearly marked and coiled


AMATA, mixing desk.

AMATA, Speaker attached to amp.


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